Our services


We work in partnership with our clients to best meet their expectations. We make every effort to meet safety and environmental standards and rules.

Our product range:

• Studies, adaptations and achievements of new materials in collaboration with the client
• for tanker refueling: – aircraft refueler truck – fuel truck
• for refueling by direct connection to the wing of the aircraft: high-speed tanker
• Oleoserver oil tanker
• refueling carts
• fueling ladder
• test station

Our range of renovation services on refuelers and oil tankers

• chassis change
• chassis and pipe adaptation
• complete dismantling of the vehicle
• complete painting
• complete change of electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic and kerosene circuits
• upgraded to JIG and MID standards

Repairs and repairs in our workshops or on site
Spare parts and accessories

Develop our products to meet the needs in the fields:

• economic
• social
• environmental
• reliability
• Offer a full range of solutions to our customers
• Contribute to a shared development with our customers
• Address the technological challenges of the future

That’s why we thought about the possible alternatives that could be proposed in the world of bunkering.

After a study conducted with the help of GUANGTAI, we have developed a brand new vehicle.

It is an innovative product that fulfills all the desired conditions: functional, economical, ecological, safe.

The GV – Green Vehicle is a fully electric low profile oil tanker that can perform refueling with the engine off.

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